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Isn’t it time you kicked your weight problems out of your life? You deserve to feel good, look good, and have excellent health just like everyone else. Call us today at (520) 885-2822 to get started on the new you!.

The HCG Diet

Losing weight with the HCG diet has been found to be one of the quickest ways to lose weight without sacrificing your health or metabolism. Some people lose 3-5 pounds per week and even more. Imagine weighing 15 pounds less a month from now!


Fountain of Youth MD knows that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps many persons achieve their anti-aging goals. Our company mission is to utilize the latest scientific developments in the specialty of anti-aging medicine to help our clients live better, healthier, and longer lives, Accordingly, because of the possible side effect concerns associated with excessive HGH dosing, we prefer that our clients use Sermorelin when either we or they feel increasing their HGH levels would help them reach their better aging goals.

What is Sermorelin?

Simply put, Sermorelin is a prescription drug that is scientifically classified as a Growth Hormone Releasing Agent. It naturally stimulates the body to increase growth hormone levels without exposing you to the possible side effect concerns of direct treatment with HGH. The key to Sermorelin’s combination of effectiveness and safety is its mechanism of action.


  • acts on the pituitary gland and stimulates it to naturally produce Growth Hormone
  • The safety benefit of utilizing this natural pathway to raise Growth Hormone levels is that the body will not allow Sermorelin to raise Growth Hormone levels above physiologic (safe/normal) levels
  • Sermorelin is less expensive than HGH, resulting in cost savings we pass along to our clients

A note to clients suffering from either Andropause or Menopause: Sermorelin therapy almost always improves the symptoms of both of these conditions.

Benefits of Sermorelin Therapy*




Energy Stamina Body Fat
Sense of Well-Being Self confidence Wrinkles
Cognitive Function Strength Cellulite
Organ Function Skin Tone Muscle Soreness
Cardiovascular Health Digestion PMS Symptoms
Immune Function Sexual Function Body Pain
Bone Density Wound Healing Hospitalization rates
Lean body Mass Flexibility Atherosclerosis
Hair Exercise Tolerance Joint pains
Good (HDL) cholesterol Attitude Depression and Anxiety

*physicians cannot promise results from prescription drug treatment

Frequently Asked Questions about treatment with Sermorelin

Q: If you are not giving me Growth Hormone, how do you monitor my Growth Hormone levels?

A: When you take Sermorelin, your body naturally increases its production of Growth Hormone. Your Fountain of Youth MD Physician will regularly check your IGF-1 level (Insulin-like Growth Factor), which is the laboratory test that measures Growth Hormone levels.

Q: How is Sermorelin taken, and how often do I have to take it?

A: Sermorelin is taken daily by subcutaneous injection. This injection is given via a diabetic syringe with a very tiny needle that is barely placed beneath the skin, so is not painful like deep shots that go into muscle.

Q: You want me to give myself a shot? I’ve never given myself a shot before!

A: Self-injection of medication via diabetic syringe is a very simple process. Your Fountain of Youth MD Care Manager will teach you how to do it. Also, please keep in mind that children diagnosed with juvenile diabetes give themselves similar injections multiple times daily. If little children can do it, we’re pretty sure you can handle it! 🙂

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