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<p style=”text-align: left;”><img class=”alignright” style=”margin: 8px;” alt=”” src=”×300.jpg” width=”160″ height=”240″ /><strong>What is Menopause?</strong></p>
Menopause is a medical state caused by failure of the ovaries and is experienced by most women. Menopause results from declining levels of Estrogen and Progesterone and is diagnosed by the combination of presence of menopausal symptoms and laboratory confirmation of low Estrogen and Progesterone levels. Fortunately, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with Estrogen and Progesterone has been shown to be dramatically effective in relieving the symptoms of Menopause and helping women to return to active, enjoyable, and satisfying lives.

The Menopause process is a lengthy and potentially complicated one and is divided into three phases.

<span style=”color: #0000ff;”><strong>Phase 1: Perimenopause</strong></span>
<li>Usually begins in a woman’s thirties or early forties</li>
<li>Caused by slow, steady declines in Estrogen and Progesterone</li>
<li>Usually accompanied by fertility decrease.</li>
The later years in this phase (late 30s to mid-40s for most women) are characterized by menstrual irregularity and onset of menopausal symptoms that can include:
<li>Hot flashes</li>
<li>Memory difficulties</li>
<li>Decreased libido (poor sex drive)</li>
<li>Mood swings</li>
<li>Weight gain</li>
<li>Breast tenderness</li>
<li>Vaginal dryness</li>
<span style=”color: #0000ff;”> <strong>Phase II: Menopause</strong></span>
<li>Defined as a woman having gone 12 months without a period</li>
<li>Symptoms that began in Perimenopause usually continue and often intensify</li>
<li>Breast shrinkage, sagging/loss of tone, and bone loss often develop</li>
<span style=”color: #0000ff;”><strong>Phase III: Postmenopause</strong></span>
<li>Usually begins about 5 years after the woman completes the transition from Perimenopause to Menopause. Sadly, many women choose to accept these symptoms as par for the course—that misery is their unfortunate lot in life and that nothing can or should be done about it.</li>
Unfortunately, the chronic state of low Estrogen and Progesterone seen with Menopause often causes problems that are more severe than decreased quality of life. These problems are medical and can be very serious, and include increased rates of:
<li>Heart disease</li>
<li>Osteoporosis and resulting bone fractures</li>
<li>Memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease</li>
<strong>Happily, institution of Bioidentical Hormone Estrogen and Progesterone Replacement Therapy helps prevent or reduce most or all of these concerns.</strong>
<li>Please <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>do not</span> allow the exaggerated findings of the <strong><em>Woman’s Health Initiative</em></strong> regarding possible concerns with menopause treatment to stop you from receiving the life-improving treatment you deserve.</li>
<li>Also, toss aside the age-old ludicrous notion that Menopause symptoms must be bravely tolerated! This myth has been debunked, as hundreds of thousands of women across the world have seen their quality of life restored by making the decision to be treated with Bioidentical Hormone Estrogen and Progesterone Replacement Therapy.</li>
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