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“I want to thank all of you for helping me lose my weight. We all know I’ll never have the body of a supermodel, but it is so nice to look and feel better. I am proud of myself and my husband is actually paying attention to me again for the first time in years!”

—AH (Oro Valley)


“Please tell everyone thanks for the help with my foot pain. That laser thing you guys have is great! I don’t know how it works, but my feet hardly hurt at all anymore. And to think I have been messing with those other doctors all those years. Wish I had found about you earlier. Thanks again. I’ll be sending my friends to you.”

—MR (Tucson)


“Sorry to be so long in sending my thank-you, but here it is. Better late than never, right?! J Thanks again for the help with my neck. If I had nickel for every worthless treatment I’ve gotten over the past 20 years that hasn’t helped I’d sure have a pocketful. I forgot to ask—any chance of me getting one of those laser things for my aunt? She has whiplash from a car accident just like me but doesn’t live here. I’d like to get her one for her birthday if they don’t cost too much. Thanks again and let me know.”

—BW (Tucson)


“Thought I’d send you guys an email thanking me for the help with my back. It was nice to find people that didn’t treat me like a criminal or a bad person just because I said I hurt. I still can’t for the life of me understand why those other doctors did me like that. Thanks for helping restore my faith in doctors and our medical system.”

—TZ (Oro Valley)


“So when I first started coming to you some of my buddies at my golf club told me I was a fool and that making the decision to start taking anti-aging medicines for my testosterone problem was evidence that I was not only a bad golfer but a sucker, too. Boy have I proved them wrong! Now that my “man hormones” are back where they need to be I actually feel human and enjoying life again. Not only that, I’m hitting the golf ball further because my strength and muscles that I thought I’d lost forever due to getting older are returning. Thanks, Canyon Health!”

—BH (Nogales)


“I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to teach me the truth about hormones for menopause. I had really been struggling since I went through my change and since I started my hormones with you guys I am doing much better. Matter of fact, my husband says that he likes the changes he sees in me so much that he may keep me after all! He’d better—beings that we’ve been married 30 years already. Anyways—thanks again for setting me straight and teaching me that hormones for menopause are safe for most women, and that it’s not acceptable anymore for a woman to think that just because she has gone through menopause that she has to feel terrible for the rest of her life.”

—NE (Marana)

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