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At Canyon Health Our Mission is to Improve Your Life and Overall Health and Wellness by:Canyon_Health_staff

  • Helping you lose weight and maintain your weight loss
  • Decreasing your pain and improving your ability to function and participate in activities at home, work and play
  • Helping you feel better, look better, and live longer thru the use of cutting-edge anti-aging bioidentical hormone therapies

Why Have We chosen to Combine What Appears to be 3 Unrelated Medical Practices Under One Roof?

It’s simple—because for many people they are not unrelated. A large number of people who have problems in one of the three areas of medicine we treat:
(1) overweight/obesity
(2) chronic pain
(3) age-related hormonal declines resulting in numerous medical problems
also have problems in one of the other two areas.

Why Should Our Valued Clients be Forced to Wander From One Clinic to Another Searching for Help in All Three of These Areas When We Have the Skills and the Expertise to Allow You to Receive Your Care at One Safe and Secure Medical Home?

What Can You Expect if You Become a Patient at Canyon Health?

  1. You will be treated with respect and dignity. We know that many of you—especially those you that suffer from chronic pain—have been the unfortunate recipients of humiliating and cruel treatment at the hands of providers that are truly unkind (hopefully this is rare), or, more likely, providers that are more concerned about protecting themselves against reasonable/legitimate professional concerns regarding appropriate narcotic prescribing concerns than they are about your welfare. Our thorough care process is designed to identify persons that are likely attempting to obtain narcotics inappropriately, thus allowing our providers the freedom to focus on providing you the care you deserve.
  2. Your provider will take the time to listen to your concerns. We allot our providers adequate time to address your medical problems and make appropriate adjustments to your treatment regimen.
  3. A clean and tasteful clinic environment that is comfortable and feels like home. While we are not your primary care provider, we want you to know that our home is your home and we welcome you even if you don’t have a scheduled appointment. We do, however, request that you call before coming in to prevent an unnecessary wait.
Isn’t it about time that you spent some time and energy improving your health and quality of life? You deserve to feel and look better just like everyone else. Call us today at (520) 326-7246 to get started on the new you!
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